Gonçalo Vala: our representative in Portugal

Gonçalo Vala: our representative in Portugal

Starting from May 2015, we are represented in Portugal by Gonçalo Vala.
Together with his wife ,Tatiana Vieira, they are a strong team on both growing and marketing side.

To make a long story short

After receiving our trees in the beginning of 2015, Gonçalo was very impressed by the quality of our trees. Shortly after the delivery we visited his company and realised the potential of a cooperation with Gonçalo was much greater than a regular customer-supplier relationship. 

Shortly after this visit, he joined our team.

The co-orperation

In June 2015 we, Johan Nicolai Ltd.,  made our second visit to Portugal. Together with Gonçalo we took the time for a prostective visit with a future client.

For the moment a lot of Golden, Granny & Gala is being planted in Portugal. The biggest issue with Gala in this hot climate is the coloration. Definitly with the striped Gala types it's essential to choose a stable selection. That's why we will continu to focus on our own Gala mutation: Gala Royal Beaut Proselect®, which has a proven stability for over 15 years.


Get in contact with Gonçalo

Find his contact information on our website:


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