Milenga® - Early Jonagold (cov)

Milenga® is an early ripening mutation from Jonagold with a picking time 5 weeks before regular Jonagold.


Picking time: 5 weeks before regular Jonagold.

Color: intensive red color.

Size: uniform big fruits.

Storage: very good, up to 12 months in ULO-conditions.


Flowering: mid-season bloom.

Production: an early, regular and very good production.

Growth: strong in the first years, later on a medium growth. Positive horizontal branch implant.

Thinning is not necessary.


Mutation of Jonagold.

Brothers Schreurs, Belgium.


Braeburn, Granny Smith, Idared.

The variety differentiates from other Jonagold mutations:

Milenga® produces eatable apples 5 weeks before the normal picking time of Jonagold

The variety is ready to harvest before Conference.

In contrast to the other Jonagold mutations, Milenga® is independent from the differences in temperature between day and night for easy coloring.